Regular East Village Yoga Classes
continue through Tuesday November 29th 6 pm.staff

And one more note:

I will be leading two 2017 Retreats in Southern California
Sign ups begin January 2017
  Details to follow soon.

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. . . for everyone who wants to feel better,
East Village Yoga in Pasadena, CA welcomes you.
To guide you to a healthier body & peaceful mind . 
It's priceless. East Village Yoga
will make Yoga right for you.

Age, size, flexibility, love handles, arthritis,
lack of conditioning, even fear of falling,
it simply doesn’t matter.



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Groundwork at East Village Yoga with Diane Park

11-12:15 PM  Feldenkrais® Groundwork
10:45-Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement
11:45-Feldenkrais® Groundwork

Groundwork at East Village Yoga: Start with pilates mat work as a template and layer with the awareness of Feldenkrais® to clarify and refine the use of self. Keeping a slow and easy pace and reducing effrt allows you to recognize habits and favorings that restrict movement and create tension, imbalance and discomfort in your body. Rather than gripping muscles and efforting, you become able to access the body’s natural abilities to move in a more responsive manner and adapt easily as needed. Functional strength,  suppleness and a much greater sense of well-being are the result.

This class is taught by Diane Park, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, as well as a
pilates instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience. Her years as a professional dancer put her on a path to seek out methods that would help maintain an optimal level of fitness and agility while minimizing injuries. Her Groundwork class, a blending of pilates and Feldenkrais®, provides the  opportunity for developing improved
body awareness, functional strength and flexibility.

The rate for my classes is $20 for a single class and $160 for a series of 10 classes.

Please contact Diane with any questions, or to sign up for the class:
626 791-1660



1720 East Washington Blvd 204, Pasadena 
our new home

Plenty of free lighted off-street parking.

Home Class Schedule  Prices Teachers Etiquette  & Parking Private Classes

1720 East Washington Blvd, 204, Pasadena, CA, 91104    |    626.827.9925

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